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So my dilemma all boils down to this, do I buy a new 2013 427 Convertible or do I sign up for the 2014 C7. The immediacy of getting the car is not a big issue unless we are talking about more than a year but the predictions are sometime in the third quarter for the C7 coupe and the fourth quarter for the C7 Convertible. After all I already have two Corvettes at my disposal and enjoy both of them. So whether I take possession of the car in a month or eight months is not a big consideration. But by then, I won’t be able to get my hands on a ?new? 427 convertible without paying a high premium. As a result I will have to make the call on the C6 before I get to even sit in or drive the new C7.  ?Not the best way to make a decision,? you say.  And I say, ?you are right but what other choice do I have?? 
?Sit on it, wait it out, until the C7 is available,? says you. ?But then I will not be able to get my hands on a new C6 427, at less than an astronomic price which I refuse to pay,? says me, ?and I really do not want to buy a used one.? Logical, right?
Okay. Here is where I am on this. If I loved the new C7 styling I would take the risk of not being able to find a new C6 427 vert in favor of being able to evaluate the C7 first hand. There would be other benefits to waiting as well. If I ended up choosing the C7 then I could actually pick the colors and options I wanted. But waiting would only be an option if I really loved the styling of the new generation.  And therein lays the problem, I don’t love it, not the coupe anyway and I’m not sure if it’s infatuation or the beginnings of love with the convertible. I was more than impressed with the C7 convertible unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. But I definitely don’t love the new C7 coupe, at least not from what I have seen but remember my vision has been limited to photographs only. 
Understand it isn’t like I hate it, except maybe for the rear fascia and unfortunately that same defect plagues the new convertible as well. But the coupe just leaves me flat, it evokes no passion in me. But other than the rear and very few other styling miscues, the convertible appears ?cleaner?, less ? gadgetry?, and I simply think the convertible is a far better looking car. And I actually do love the interior in both the convertible and the coupe.  The interior of the car, in my estimation, is clearly a ?walk off home run?. So much so it almost makes me overlook the other problems I have with the car.  Maybe in time the car will ?grow on me? or maybe when I actually see and drive the car I will be able to over look some of the styling ?f-ups?.  In fact I hope it does because I really want to love this car. 
But at this stage there are some issues that keep me from being able to commit to it, and maybe even preventing me from waiting to see it in person.
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