Nasty C6 Corvette Crash Lands Two Men in the Hospital

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Wrecked Corvette in Houstin Rear

Firefighters had to cut the driver out of the Corvette after a tree fell on the car during the crash.

According to Click2Houston, police and firefighters reported to the scene of an accident where a C6 Chevrolet Corvette had been mangled after the car slammed into a tree. Emergency personnel were forced to remove a tree that fell on the car and based on the footage of the car, it appears as though the roof was cut away as well.

The Crash

The details surrounding this smashed C6 Chevrolet Corvette are sketchy, but we know that around 1am on Saturday, June 16th, this black Chevy sports car was traveling down South Gessner Road in Houston, Texas. Something caused the car to move from the road to the median near Beverly Hill Street, at which point the car slammed into a tree.

Wrecked Corvette Front

In addition to the damage done from driving through the median and hitting a tree, a tree fell on the Corvette during the crash. As a result, there was an extensive amount of damage to the top of the car, even though it didn’t flip over. In fact, there is so much damage to the top-side of the C6 that it is hard to tell whether this was a coupe or a convertible, but we can clearly see that the windshield pillars were cut away by the emergency crews.

Wrecked Corvette Passenger's Side

The Damage

As you can see, the C6 Corvette is a total loss. The passenger was reportedly able to get out of the car, but the emergency crew had to cut the driver out before sending both men to the hospital. We have been unable to find further details, but initial reports indicated that the driver and passenger were in fair condition.

Wrecked Corvette Driver's Side

The cause of the accident was unknown and it was unclear whether drugs or alcohol were involved, but with a car wandering off the road at 1am on a Saturday and slamming into a tree – there had to have been a critical driver error of some sort.

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