NCM Commemorates Sinkhole Anniversary With Another Restoration

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’62 Corvette Damaged in Sinkhole Readies for Restoration. And Just in Time for the Anniversary

Hard to believe that it’s been three years since the National Corvette Museum suffered that dreadful sinkhole catastrophe, right?

Yet it seems like we’ve continued to cover some element of the incident since it happened on February 12, 2014, when eight NCM Corvettes fell into the hole. And now, the NCM is revving up to commemorate the third anniversary of the event. How? By restoring the last of the three cars slated to be returned to their original condition.

The museum gem set to be restored is a 1962 Corvette. It was once a perfect representation of the very last model year of the first-generation Corvette, which started in 1953.

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The restoration of the ’62 is being performed thanks to a private donation. The work will actually take place at the NCM, where visitors will be able to watch the process as it happens.

“Now we have a maintenance and preservation area,” NCM Marketing and Communications Manager Katie Frassinelli tells the Bowling Green Daily News. “We’re able to repair it in-house ourselves.”

Frassinelli goes on to say that the restoration of the ’62 Corvette could take up to a year to complete.

According to the report, the ’62 Corvette needs about $15,000 worth of parts for the restoration project. That includes a front end, hood panel, and windshield. Thankfully, it’s all being covered by General Motors.

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