Why Does the Corvette Racing Team Win so Much?

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Corvette Racing Success Lies in Continuing to “Perfect” the Front-Engine Platform

There’s a lot to be said about a team that’s racked up more than 100 racing wins over a nearly 17-year span.

Just ask any motorsport team that has competed professionally. We’re sure they’ll tell you that winning just one race is a noteworthy accomplishment, forget about 100.

So, what’s the secret?

Well, just ask the engineers for the Corvette team. That’s right, since 1999, the beloved front-engine American sports car has earned 102 wins in the sport, including a monumental eight checkered flags at Le Mans.

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Corvette Senior Engineering Manager, Chuck Houghton, has a theory. He says the secret to Corvette’s racing success is that Chevrolet has continued to perfect the front-engine platform. That’s in spite of the fact that mid-engines and rear engines have certain advantages.

“The front-engined layout we have and the engine architecture that we do have – it’s probably one of the lightest engines (next to a V6) in the class. Maybe we are limited a bit by the architecture, but we have an engine that’s light and tiny, so it makes our job a little easier,” said Houghton, speaking about the C7.R race car to Ars Technica.

Of course, Houghton’s comment does raise a few questions about what the future of Corvette racing might look like. What with a forthcoming mid-engine model now in the mix. Namely, how long will it take the racing team to get adjusted to that platform?

Then again, they’ve probably already racked up thousands of track miles testing the car. Typically, big ideas like a new mid-engine Corvette have been in development for years, long before we get wind of the first rendering of the car.

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