Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Prototype Spotted Winter Testing

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The Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Is More Real Than Ever

For months now, we’ve seen spy photos of what could very well be the upcoming mid-engine Corvette. But what you see here is the first comprehensive look at GM’s supercar. It should challenge the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, and most specifically, the Ford GT.

As you can vividly see in these spy photos, the mid-engine ‘Vette was caught testing in the snow along with a trio of its high-performance front-engine counterparts, namely the upcoming C7 ZR1. This is the first time we’ve seen both of them testing together. GM is obviously trying to keep its mid-engine program close to the vest, with black camo cloaking the car’s body lines, and a pair of Silverado HD trucks running alongside.

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There have been some rumors that GM might stick a Cadillac badge to this mid-engine prototype, but most reports are leaning toward this being the next-generation C8 Corvette model. Though the badging is still up in the air, one thing is for sure: this prototype is indeed mid-engined.

Thanks to these spy shots, the mid-engine layout can clearly be seen, especially when next to the ZR1. The C7 ZR1 has a long hood and a cab-rearward design, which is traditional Corvette, whereas the C8 prototype has a short and much lower hood up front, and a longer rear deck. Once the cloak comes off the presumably C8 test mule, you can clearly see the side air intake vents to cool and/or help aspirate the engine — a key focus in the early stages of the mid-engine car’s development.

Even with the sheet off, the rear-engine glass cover is shrouded in camouflage. With the recent reports of leaked GM documents, it seems like the mid-engine Corvette will be getting the new LT5 6.2L DOHC V8 engine. Only time will tell, though.

If you weren’t set on there being a mid-engine GM supercar, it’s definitely coming. What do you guys think? Let us know on the forum!

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