Outer Door Window Weatherstrip Replacment

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When replacing the outer
window seal it is not necessary to remove the door panel. Simply hold the
new weatherstrip up to the old one still on the door. Mark the clip
locations with masking tape on the side of the door so you won\’t have
to guess where they are. Also note the three pop rivet locations. (one at
each end and one about 2/3 to the front) Protect the window(down) with
something like masking paper. Carefully pry the old weatherstrip off of
the rivet starting at the front and then the pry it up off of the clips
working toward the rear of the car. The weatherstrip is very soft so the
rivet heads will pull through easy. With a sharpened screwdriver or long
chisel a few light taps will cut the old rivet heads off. Now push the new
weatherstrip in place and use a screw at each end in place of the pop
rivets. Yes there will be one rivet that you can\’t do but it is close
to a clip and the weatherstrip will stay put just fine. This saves a lot
of time and hassling with the door panel. The entire job takes about
fifteen minutes.

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