Paint Chip Repair

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1st Step:
Wash and dry your vehicle.
Use a toothpick,
matchstick or brush to apply manufacturers touch-up paint (purchased at
your auto dealership or auto parts store). Allow it to dry to the touch �
typically 45-90 minutes up to 3-4 days. This will leave the typical
\”blob\” of touch-up paint visible on the surface.
and apply LANGKA generously to the flat surface. Rub LANGKA over the
\”blob\” for 15-30 seconds allowing LANGKA to quickly penetrate and
begin smoothing the \”blob\” of excess paint. Once the touch-up paint
blob begins to wear off, begin rubbing lighter until the excess paint is
gone and paint is left inside the chip/scratch. Lightly hand-buff to
remove any excess LANGKA with a clean cloth. Apply clear coat if necessary
with fine tip brush.
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