Pat Robertson: Speeding in a Corvette Is Not a Sin

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Pat Robertson never ceases to amaze.

One of the TV host’s latest ramblings, shown in the video below,  finds Robertson preaching that God should have no problem with Robertson driving his 430-horsepower Corvette as fast as he wants, as long as he’s not hurting others. Oh, and Robertson also has an unspecified 650-horsepower monster, which is apparently sin-free as well, even at speeds upwards of 200 mph.

Wait, that’s “100,” he replies after his co-host Terry Meeuwsen’s jaw drops.

The Christian media mogul got onto the subject of hellish speeds while answering an email from a viewer asking if it is a sin to speed. His response?

“Is it a sin? I think it’s a sin to hurt somebody. I think it’s a sin to drive recklessly… If you’re driving imperils other people, you are sinning, there’s no question about it,” says Robertson. “But in an open stretch of road, you go to Texas, I think some areas, there’s no speed limit at all… There are times when police do pick you up, but I better not say any more.”

Yup, you’ve probably said enough, Mr. Robertson.

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