Paul McCartney Spotted in L.A. in his Favorite Car: a C5 Corvette

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Paul and Corvette text

The next time I hear someone say, “You never really see famous people driving Corvettes in Hollywood,” I’m going to pull this photo up on my phone and say, “really?”

In fact, I might even print out a few copies and send them to a couple of Ferrari dealerships in Los Angeles. I’d bet that would stir up conversations around those espresso machines.

The point is, I’ll take an icon like Paul McCartney driving my favorite car any day over some of these “two years and over” Hollywood celebrities.

Apparently, the Beatles legend always drives his Corvette when he’s in L.A., according to a Daily Mail story. The U.K. paper reports it’s his favorite of all the automobiles he owns, which I can only imagine could fill up a couple of garages. These photos of McCartney and his blue baby were captured in Beverly Hills at the swanky Four Seasons Hotel where an average one-night stay costs around $600, according to the company’s website.

Hell, a week there and I’d almost have enough to make a down payment on an all-new Stingray.

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