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Chevrolet Shows off Beautiful C7 Convertible and Grand Sport at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show is a little on the quiet side for Corvette fans. Just a pair of America’s favorite front-engine V8 sports car are currently on display. But they’re spectacular: a brilliant white convertible and an All-American, red, white, and blue Grand Sport.

Both cars were open and unlocked for us during this week’s media days of CAS 2017. So we decided to get up close and personal. We set them both up for glamour shots in preparation for the new spring season, and sincerely hope that’s just around the corner. We won’t let Punxatawny Phil’s prediction of a long winter get us down. Not when there are a couple of bright and cheery Corvettes to check out.

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The white convertible looks to be set up as the perfect back-road cruiser, with an automatic transmission, and a bright, flashy, red 3LT interior, including the uprated Bose stereo. This would be a great car for the spring, whether to take a grocery store run or a top-down jaunt to the hills. Grab your favorite driving partner and a good bottle of sunscreen, though, because you won’t ever want to get out once the weather warms up.

Going with tradition, the Grand Sport is the best of all Corvette worlds. It’s got the phenomenally functional aerodynamics of the Z06, combined with just enough power from the Stingray. This Grand Sport is loaded nicely with a manual transmission and Alcantara. Just the right combo for taking Friday off work and heading to a track day three states away.

Check out our mega gallery below, featuring dozens of excellent photos of both cars, straight from the floor of the Chicago Auto Show! Then let us know what you think.

Photos [Manuel Carrillo III]

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