Powerglide C7 Corvette Rips off Consistent 5-Second Passes

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Triple digit temps aren’t slowing down this bonkers fast C7 Corvette.

Drag racing is a fickle mistress. Throwing huge power at a car might make it fast, but eventually you reach a point where something similar to voodoo is required. The right transmission, gearing, and tune can make all the difference. And sometimes, though it goes against common sense, pulling power out of a car can oftentimes make it faster. We saw this happen recently with Stangkilr Productions and his Powerglide-equipped C7 Corvette.

After swapping out transmissions, this sinister C7 Corvette lost a whopping 200 hp on the dyno. But it responded with its fastest trap speed ever  a 155 mph quarter-mile mark. Unfortunately, a broken belt ended ended testing prematurely. So we were forced to wait and see just how much faster this 2-speed ‘Vette was after its surgery. And now, the wait is officially over.

C7 Corvette

This time around, however, the crew heads out for some 1/8-mile action. Right off the trailer, the ‘Vette rips off a 5.84-second pass. Which is already equivalent to a low 9-second 1/4 mile pass, a full second plus what they ran previously. The second pass nets a slower 5.95. A red light in eliminations ended the car’s day early. But the driver feels like the car would have made a 5.50 pass. Not too shabby for a car that’s not even dialed in yet.

A little converter work and a bigger blower are coming soon, so those numbers only figure to improve. It’s also made clear that Stangklr isn’t just eyeballing fast time slips with his C7 Corvette. He’s looking to break some records. And considering how well things are going so far, we have no reason to doubt that’ll happen. And it’ll probably happen soon!

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