CraigsList: Rare Big-Block 1974 Corvette

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Rare Big Block 1974 Corvette on CraigsList

The 1974 C3 Corvette from the last year of the Big Block 454 carries all the right ’70s parts and awaits a restoration to glory.

Bargain-priced C3 Corvette project cars on Craigslist are nothing new. We know that as well as anyone, and we wouldn’t bore you with something you’ve seen dozens of times already.

This 1974 Corvette project car in Hubbard, Ohio may look like your average chunk of C3-shaped fiberglass, but underneath that front-hinged hood lies a secret: a 454 cubic-inch Big Block Chevy V8.

Rare Big Block 1974 Corvette on CraigsList

With 1974 being the first year for integrated bumpers, you’d be forgiven for dismissing it as just another Malaise-Era throwback. However, in 1974, you could still order your Corvette with a huge 454 V8, as the original owner did. Even better, a four-speed manual transmission backs that big block.

The car was also ordered without air conditioning. It sounds like the original owner had a one-track mind, if you catch our drift. We definitely approve.

Rare Big Block 1974 Corvette on CraigsList

Smog-choked down to a measly (but still respectable and impressive for its day) 270 horsepower, this Corvette sits a few go-fast parts away from some truly legendary dyno numbers and flat-out frightening quarter-mile timeslips.

That four-speed/big block combo—the last of its kind—makes this Corvette a very rare bird. While ’75-’82 ‘Vettes can often be found in great shape for under ten grand, the asking price of this car, $11,500, seems like a bargain when the rarity is considered.

The car looks to be fairly original, with a later rear spoiler and oh-so-’70s American Racing Vector wheels likely added sometime shortly after the car was originally purchased.

Rare Big Block 1974 Corvette on CraigsList

This Corvette looks to be in decent condition and is a solid candidate for a restoration. Some of the hard work has already been done for the next owner. The fuel tank and sending unit have been replaced, for example. There’s also a freshly rebuilt Quadrajet carburetor sitting on top of that big block V8. The seller claims that the brakes are also fresh and that the water pump has been replaced.

If you’re looking for the last of the big-block C3s, you can find this car on Akron-Canton Craigslist here.

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