Super-Rare Copper C4 Corvette Surfaces Online

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Copper C4 Corvette

Copper Metallic Corvette Coupe is one of only 91 produced.

As diehard Corvettes fans, we tend to think that we’ve seen it all when it comes to the beloved American sports car. In all honesty, there’s a bit of truth to that idea because we’re so entrenched in the world of Corvettes.

Copper C4 Corvette

However, the longer you spend exploring the nameplate’s history, the more you realize there’s always something new to discover about the car. In fact, just when you think the interesting tidbits about Corvettes are wearing thin, something else pops up that makes you appreciate them even more.

In this case, it’s a rare 1994 Corvette coupe that is painted in a color called Copper Metallic and was listed on eBay. The listing has since been flagged for removal, but according to Corvette Blogger, it’s one of only 91 models of the C4 coupe built in the color.

Even more interesting, it appears that the Copper Metallic Corvette’s path to rarity was a lot different than most models. As the story goes, when GM first added the unique color, Corvette plant officials in Kentucky quickly realized that it would be tough to match all the body panels. Three days into the production run, GM decided to ax it altogether. In the end, there were 91 Corvette coupes, 24 convertibles, and one ZR1 painted in Copper Metallic.


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It’s tough to tell exactly how well that original paint has held up on this particular model. The seller describes it as a “very clean example.” Of course, that can be interpreted in a number of ways. Still, with an asking price of $13,750 and only 78,000 original miles, it’s well worth considering.

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