Fiery Corvette Crash Survivor Was Going 125 mph

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C7 Corvette Z06 Wreckage

Z06’s data recorder sheds new details on accident that will make you wonder how anyone survived this.

Remember that 21-year-old in Michigan man who managed to escape from his Corvette Z06 just before it burst into flames after he smashed the car into a tree?

Neon C7 Corvette Z06

Well, apparently, the car’s data recorder shows he was driving 125 mph when he lost control of the ‘Vette on that Ann Arbor road, according to a report by The Drive. That’s roughly 75 mph more than Jiefu Jeffrey Gong said he was traveling when he crashed the car.

We’re starting to get more details about the accident as Gong goes through the court proceedings on charges of reckless driving for the accident, which we reported on here previously.

Of course, the accuracy of the 21-year-old’s so-called “recollection” of the accident, which also injured a 17-year-old female passenger, had already been called into question, based on the damage the Corvette sustained from the crash.


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The photos from the accident scene, depicting the mangled Corvette Z06, suggested that it was highly unlikely that Gong was traveling anywhere close to the 10-15 miles above the 35-mph speed limit, as the driver initially claimed. In fact, Gong later recanted what he first told police, saying that he had no idea how fast he was going when he plowed the Corvette into a tree. Though he probably never considered the idea that authorities might resort to using the car’s data system to investigate the incident more thoroughly.

To make matters worse, there’s a Vehicle Virgins video from July 2016 that appears to show Gong and the YouTube show’s host, Parker Nirenstein, going 100 mph in the Corvette on the same Michigan road where he crashed the car. The three-minute video not only captures Gong speeding in the Z06, but it also shows him dangerously flying by other vehicles on the public road, which is likely to weigh heavily on the court’s final decision regarding the accident.

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