Rare C7 Corvette Up for Grabs in Corvette Forum Marketplace

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Night Race Blue C7 Corvette

It’s a pretty safe bet that the seldom seen Night Race Blue C7 Corvette will one day be a collectible.

With a few exceptions, we rarely refer to color options as “rare” unless they adorn the flanks of older cars. In terms of C1 or C2 Corvettes, color can make a massive difference in pricing. This is true whether you’re talking about a rare hue or just one that’s largely popular with the masses. But rare colors on a nearly new C7 Corvette? Well, that’s a new one. Unless you’re talking about the seldom seen Night Race Blue, that is.

This stunning example recently popped up for sale in the Corvette Forum Marketplace. And clearly, somebody knew what they had here from the get go. The 2016 model C7 Corvette has only 2,429 miles on the odometer, for starters. And it looks absolutely showroom fresh. Heck, it even still has plastic covering the carpet, just in case some dummy at the dealership forgets to put that piece of protective paper down.

Night Race Blue C7 Corvette

So what, exactly, makes Night Race Blue such a rare sight on the C7 Corvette? Well, it wasn’t a very popular color. Some felt that it’s so dark it hides the lines of the car. Others note that it does look much better in person, but we like it either way. Regardless, folks just didn’t care for the hue much on the “new” Corvette at the time. And thus, Chevy promptly discontinued it.

Night Race Blue C7 Corvette

So if you’re looking for a future collectible or just love a good dark blue, your options are limited. This one, wearing a host of options including the Z51 and 2LT packages, is about as nice as we’ve seen. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll be drooling over this rare color option!

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