Replace Outer Window Seals

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I ordered my seals form Eckler�s. Fit was perfect and included six
replacement pop rivets but no instructions. I use a combination of
previous posts and a little common sense to get the job done. The
procedure was done on my 91. Adjustments should be made for other years.
Took about 30 min per door (this does not include smoke and refreshment
breaks). Put both windows down and disconnect the battery. I removed the
door panels completely since I wanted to do some lubing and adjusting.
Pretty straightforward, just remove the screws you can see. Don�t forget
the one inside the handle and the one by the hatch release. Then pry out
the courtesy light using a small flat blade screwdriver � there is one
hiding there. Next, pull the lock knob forward (unlocked position), place
the same screw driver behind the front edge and pry to you (thanks 65Z01).
Push the rod up slightly and remove the screw behind it. Pull up on the
panel and hold it in one hand. Reach behind the panel and separate all the
electrical connectors. Place the panel on a pre-positioned blanket. Loosen
the felt adjusters with a 10mm socket to allow the window some movement.
Place a few runs of masking tape along the top edge of the window just in
case. The three rivets are visible. You will have to push down on the door
weatherstrip to see the end ones. Drill out each rivet. My drill bit was 3
inches long so I cut a piece of fuel hose to 2 � inches and slipped it
over the bit for insurance. I used a small putty knife and a hammer to cut
the heads off of the rivets. Starting at the front, slip a small flat
blade screwdriver between the door and the old seal at the locations of
the clips. Pry the clip free of the old seal. The clips will remain
attached to the door. Pull the seal free. Use a small pair of needle nose
pliers to pull the clips free. Clean off the wax line and wax the area.
Fit the replacement seal to the door. Insure that the clips and holes for
the pop rivet line up. Push the clips into the slots and install the
rivets. Adjust the felt pads and tighten the bolts. Reinstall the door
panel. Note that on the PS door there is a bolt behind the power window
switch. Use a small amount of RTV in the socket to keep it from dropping
inside the door. Remove the tape, reconnect the battery and you are done.
Not that bad of a job. Actually took longer to write this up than to do
one side. Hope this helps those who haven�t done it but need to.

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