RideTech Delrin Bushing Upgrades for C5 and C6 Corvettes

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RideTech Bushings

Any track enthusiast will tell you that anything that can help you tackle those curves better is worth its weight in gold. That’s why RideTech is now offering Corvette Delrin Bushing Upgrades for C5 and C6 models.

“With very few upgrades you can turn a C5 or C6 into a highly competitive track animal,” notes RideTech official press release. “Today’s Corvette drivers demand maximum performance without compromise and RideTech’s new direct fit bushing system will leave you with unrivaled control.”

The company even uses a system known as “Direct Fit” technology that supposedly makes installing the bushings pretty easy.

Now, if that pitch doesn’t sell you C5 or C6 owners, chances are you just don’t do much track time in your Corvette.

Features include eliminating control arm shift common with factory bushings, reduction in deflection for consistent and predictable handling, and a Trunion design element that increases the strength and rigidity in the upper arms.

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