Sam Schmidt’s Z06 Story Runs Deeper than Corvettes

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Quadriplegic former racer’s interview with Jay Leno drives home a point that goes well beyond cars.

The story of former race car driver Sam Schmidt and his Corvette is one we’ve covered here a number of times.

As a matter of fact, Schmidt has been written about by quite a few media outlets over the past two years. Yet, each time we come across another post about his journey, we learn something deeper from the quadriplegic that goes well beyond his ties to Corvette.

Sam Schmidt talks to Jay Leno about his Corvette Z06

Now don’t get us wrong, Schmidt’s return back to the racetrack behind the wheel of a high-tech Z06 after being paralyzed in 2001 is a story that can be appreciated for its ties to Corvette as well. The idea that he’s even able to drive the car not only speaks to the modification capabilities of the C7, but it also speaks to the skills of the team at Arrow Electronics that built the innovation to help Schmidt drive the car.

But one of the his journey’s most revealing points with the Z06 actually comes in one short, poignant statement Schmidt makes when featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. The statement actually comes at around the 2:40 mark in the video clip below where Schmidt says, “what is worth 2.5 hours getting up every morning, what drives you, what motivates you.”

Sam Schmidt tells Leno, for him, that inspiration has been motorsports, something he’s been fortunate enough to continue to pursue in a Z06. But for may others here at Corvette Forum, that inspiration could be tied to something that has nothing to do with cars.

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