How-To Spotlight: Make Your Own Organic, Finish-Friendly Car Wax

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Some of it is cost savings, but it’s really about quality control. Are you ready to make your own car wax?

There isn’t a Corvette owner out there who doesn’t look for the best products to use on their car. This goes far beyond modifications; being able to use the best items, from fuel options to headlights to filters, all the way to car wax. Yes, we said car wax.

There’s plenty of wax on the market to choose from. Many vendors claim they have the best option on the market, but is it true? They may tell you about a few ingredients in their product, but what else is in there? Is there anything that could potentially harm your car’s finish? In the end, regulations on car wax are basically limited to taking a company at its word.

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The benefit of making your own product is being able to control what’s going into it. Doing this goes beyond potentially saving a few bucks. Sure, from time to time you may be able to find a deal on a great product for less than retail. But if you could spend about an hour and maybe $40 to get the equivalent of a $70 container of wax, would you do it? At the very least, we imagine that you might want to hear more.

Today’s How-To Spotlight goes into detail on how you can make your own quality car wax at home. Following this step by step process will give you an organic option that you know is good for your ride. If you end up making a batch, be sure to follow up and tell us know how it went.

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