‘Vette in Your Pocket: Limited Stingray iPhone Case

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Stingray Case in text

Who knew that a company had teamed up with SuperVettes to develop some really cool special-edition Stingray cases for the iPhone 5?

I guess a lot considering that the cases are already sold at $150 a pop. Apparently, anything remotely attached to the C7 is in as much demand as the car itself.

The Stingray Case, which is made with SuperVettes and Casemachine, was designed with two lines that look like the hood of a C7 and a camera lens shaped like the taillight housing of the car. Even the colors are similar to the palette choices for the actual Corvette.

A click through of Casemachine’s website shows that all five of the available colors are out of stock, but I’m betting if there’s enough buzz from fans, they’ll make more.

Source [GM Authority]

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