How-To Spotlight: Bleed and Replace Brake Fluid

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Everyone expects their brakes to work every time. Few people, however, take the time to check or replace their brake fluid. It’s time for you to make that time.

Depending on the use of your specific Corvette, the time span for replacement brake fluid may change. If you are someone who is hitting the track quite a bit, or who may be considered an aggressive driver, you may need to take on this task sooner than later. In most circles, replacing your brake fluid is considered a fairly entry-level task to perform. But we know that not everyone is as comfortable as the next when it comes to car-related tasks. What is introductory to some may be considered advanced to another.

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Today’s How-To Spotlight is aimed at the task of swapping out the brake fluid on your C6 or C7 Corvette. You will want to read through the entire article here. The number of steps listed within the article is low, but the requirements and items you need to keep an eye on are high. One specific item mentioned, one that some people may often take for granted, is the corrosive power of brake fluid. It is not something that you want to get on to a painted surface accidentally. There are a few specific warnings listed inside the article, again items that may be overlooked.

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One of the easier items when it comes to this topic is knowing if you have accomplished the task at hand. When new, brake fluid is nearly a clear liquid. When old or worn, it becomes dark, and may even become thick in a worst case scenario. It is typically very easy to see when it needs to be replaced, and can be checked as frequently as you can remember to do it. Trusting that your Corvette will stop is not something that you should take for granted.

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