How-To Spotlight: Install a New Corvette Intake Manifold

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Corvette Intake Manifold Swap

The air intake manifold highlights the engine bay, particularly the manifold cover. Swapping out the manifold is a relatively easy mod that you may not see as frequently.

In most modifications where someone is looking for quick horsepower, you are likely to see new exhaust modifications like headers. But have you thought about swapping out the intake manifold? One could guess that there is a fear of essentially popping off the top of the engine altogether. It is easy to see why this process could come across as a bit daunting. But what if it was easier than you had originally thought? What if you could work through the entire project in less than one day with little to no experience? Our guess is that you would at least consider it.

Corvette Intake Manifold Swap

Well, it is time to read through and potentially make that consideration a reality. Today’s How-To Spotlight works through a quick horsepower boost for your Corvette. We are skipping right into the meat of the engine and looking right past the exhaust. We can get there later. So what is your over/under on the number of steps needed to remove the intake manifold? 4? 6? 10? 12? If you guessed 10, pat yourself on the back, you have won the right to keep reading. Alright, everyone can continue reading since you all need to see this article.

Is swapping out your intake manifold as easy as a new exhaust system? No. But if you want to fall in line with everyone else, go that route. If you want to take your Corvette to the next level and grab some power that most people are afraid of getting, this is your place to be. Have you made this modification? What pros and cons do you have in advice for your community brothers and sisters?

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