Strange and Rusty 1969 Corvette Wagon for Sale on eBay

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If you have more money than sense and feel like investing in a rolling box of rust that has the potential to be a really interesting custom C3, you need to head to eBay right now. We found this posted up on the forum the other day, and it is something unique indeed. This car started its life as a normal 1969 Corvette, but at some point it underwent surgery that saw the fitment of a full custom body kit that features a Mako-esque nose and an odd interpretation of a Sportwagon rear end.

Now, a few things to note right off the bat. The owner lists “Motion Show Car” in the title, but never again. This is not a Motion car that I am aware of. This is also not made from any commonly known or accepted kits, like Greenwood. The car is listed as mobile, and with an engine, but it’s not the original motor and you can bet that it won’t be running anytime soon. Also, there is an ungodly amount of money and work that would be required to get this thing running and moving again. There is so much visible rust and fiberglass damage that this thing may as well have sat at the bottom of the flooded quarry for a decade.

That said, it appears as though this may have been a big block car when it was born, and it was originally painted in the rare shade of Fathom Green. If this car wasn’t so abused, it could be worth a small mint, as it sits now, the $3,500 asking price feels like blatant robbery.

But like I said, if you have more money than sense, this could be turned into something pretty cool. Just make sure you call us in 20 years when you finally get it done.

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