Tech Tuesday: C5 Transmission

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Why Mod?

Many C5 owners complain about CAGS (skip-shift) If you’re one of them then click here for the brief. If you’re interested in modifying your stock transmission then keep reading…

As you should know, the transmission or gearbox (or more appropriately, transaxle) transfers the engine’s power to the differential (which is sort-of integrated, hence the transaxle moniker) and allows the car to drive at a variety of speeds depending on which gear you’re in. And without actually disassembling the tranny, there are a couple of mods to make shifting quicker.

Many people driving the stock manual C5 have also complained about some slop in their shifts and if you’d like a remedy, there are a couple of options from manufacturers such asĀ MGW. We invite you to check it out and let us know what you think…

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