Smoking Tire Tracks 2018 Corvette Grand Sport

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Refined Corvette Grand Sport really comes alive at Road Atlanta, where it’s incredibly easy to drive fast!

The modern day Corvette Grand Sport is a seriously impressive machine in anyone’s book. Setting up shop between the Stingray and the much-ballyhooed Z06, it’s somewhat of a middle ground proposition between the two. With the Stingray’s naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 and the Z06’s aggressive bodywork, suspension, and tires, it’s also a fantastic track car. This is exactly why The Smoking Tire‘s Matt Farah decides to test out a 2018 Corvette Grand Sport in its natural environment.

More specifically, one of America’s finest courses, Road Atlanta. Offering up a variety of turns and elevations, this is a place diverse enough to truly test the capabilities of a car like the Corvette Grand Sport. Farah was invited to test out the new ZR1 by GM, and yet, he had never even driven a new GS. So why not try it out and see how it compares to the much more potent Corvette?

Corvette Grand Sport

So how does the man who makes a living driving every performance car on the planet like it? Right off the bat, the Grand Sport’s “razor-sharp” steering impresses. This particular car is equipped with the 7-speed manual, yet it exhibits “long legs” by doing 103 in third gear. Farah also raves about the car’s “really, really nice balance” and the balance, which simply “talks to you.”

Corvette Grand Sport

Farah also raves about the car’s “fantastic” brakes. But the Corvette Grand Sport isn’t just for the track, of course. One of the most appealing things about it is the fact that it’s incredibly tame on the street, too. As Farah notes, it’s even an excellent car for teaching someone how to drive a stick. It’s “as manageable as a Miata,” as Farah says. Which is perhaps the most incredible thing about the Corvette Grand Sport, a race car for the refined set!

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