1962 Corvette Is One Cool Barn Find Worth Saving

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1962 Corvette

Finding a reasonably priced, well-preserved driver C1 is getting harder and harder. But this long-stored 1962 Corvette has a ton of potential.

With C1 values skyrocketing in recent years, it’s getting harder and harder to find anything for a reasonable price. Which leaves most of us clamoring for anything that isn’t completely destroyed. So what do you do if you simply want something that’s driveable yet affordable? Well, you dig deep. But we didn’t have to do much digging to find this nicely preserved 1962 Corvette on eBay, which looks like it could be an affordable driver for someone.

This Ermine White ‘Vette has clearly been in storage for a long time, but seems to be in decent mechanical shape. Only 65,720 miles show on the odometer, though the seller doesn’t have paperwork to back that up. But all the electronics reportedly work as they should, the frame is solid with only one rust hole, and all the panels line up nicely. So this is clearly no clapped-out beater.

1962 Corvette

No attempt has been made to start this old 1962 Corvette, but the rear wheels reportedly don’t turn. But everything, including the engine bay, appears to be untouched. Which is obviously a good thing. We’d wager that it wouldn’t take much to get this long-stored ride rolling once again, and it sure would make a nice driver for somebody.

1962 Corvette

Of course, you could work on a cosmetic refresh in the meantime. But the fashionable thing to do today is retain that weathered look. And honestly, we think this 1962 Corvette looks pretty cool as is. Really the only thing we don’t like about it is the Powerglide transmission, but that’s not a major gripe. Assuming it goes for a reasonable price, it’s not a bad tradeoff for a Corvette generation that’s exploded in value in recent years!

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