This 4-Door Corvette Is Quite the Dinosaur

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Behold, my friends, for here we have what could be considered an exciting and rare dinosaur-type discovery in the world of Corvettes.

Then again, there are probably others who would describe this as more of a monstrosity, if they don’t like the idea of a four-door ‘Vette. Personally, I prefer to just admire the bizarreness of this Corvette conversion by California Custom Coach (CCC), which was featured in a 1979 Motor Trend story.


According to Super Chevy, the build process included cutting a ‘79 Corvette in half and stretching it 30 inches. The two halves of the frame were then rejoined with a solid steel insert and welded together for rigidity.

To make it easier to service the car, CCC builders retained as many stock Corvette components as possible. Originally, the plan was to produce 10 of the conversion models a month, at roughly $35,000 a pop. But only six of the cars were ever built, making it a pretty significant piece of Corvette history, regardless of what one might think about the idea.

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Via [Super Chevy]

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