Throwback Thursday: Check Out This Vintage Corvette Video

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Corvette Recruitment

True classic.

That’s how I’d sum up the following video we pulled for today’s Throwback Thursday post here on Corvette Forum.

The idea of pairing hot women with Corvettes is nothing new, but seeing the two used as a recruitment tool in the ’70s for the armed forces? Well, that has a rather unique kind of entertainment value when walking down memory lane, as highlighted in a We Are the Mighty report.

In one portion of the clip, the narrator says, “Sure, the United States Marine Reserve teaches you a lot, like how to take a beachhead,” while depicting a buff Marine running out of the ocean to his girlfriend, who’s tanning on the beach.

The most classic line for Corvette fans is, “Some Marines even get to drive tanks.” The video then shows a Marine driving off in a Chevy Corvette.

I sincerely doubt the United States Marine Corps Reserve would try pulling a stunt like this today, but it would be kind of interesting to see how the C7 would work as a recruiting tool.

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via [We Are the Mighty]

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