Tips to Keep You Safe in Your Garage

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Let’s face it. Whether it’s because of time or money, you can’t take your Corvette to the shop every time it needs something. You might not even want to because you prefer to perform all of the work on it yourself. Whatever the reason for turning your own wrenches, our friends at Driving Line have some tips to keep you – or a first-time amateur mechanic you know – in one un-maimed piece.

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No matter what you’re doing, the most important tool to use is your brain. Of course, metal tools, such as six-point sockets, are essential, too. It’s best to use them in a clean, uncluttered garage workspace. Once you’re ready to lift up your vehicle, make sure you put the jack in the right place underneath, whether that’s below a front crossmember or in the pinch welds under the doors. Don’t let that do all of the work, though. Get jack stands if you don’t have them already and use them. The same goes for wheel chocks. Oh – and make sure you have a good engine hoist for yanking/installing engines and trannies.

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You can’t really get anything done in your garage if scalding radiator gets in your eyes, so be careful around areas that are under pressure like your cooling or fuel systems. Have gloves and rags on hand. To avoid getting snagged on moving parts, show up wearing clothing that fits close to your body. That and a working fire extinguisher – as well as the knowledge of how to use one – will come in handy in case a fire breaks out in your workspace. We certainly hope it doesn’t so you can take your Corvette back out on the street to light up its tires.

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