Top Five Facts to Know About Owning a Corvette

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Is it time to become a Corvette owner, or are you already one? Here are five things you should know (or might already know) about owning a Corvette.


1. Know the Common Issues

Common Issues

This should really be on top of everyone’s list. You don’t just buy a car without knowing the issues first, right? Take your time to do your research. Go online, read forums, and talk to owners in order to find out the most common issues of the Corvette you are eyeing. Whether you are a Corvette driver or soon-to-be one, it doesn’t hurt to stay up-to-date with the recalls and TSBs.


2. Know the Maintenance


You put up that hard earned money, why cheap out now? Know the maintenance schedule to your Corvette and take action when needed. You want to keep your beauty running for a long time, and if you are planning to sell, showing proof of the maintenance will work in your favor.

Of course, under-the-hood maintenance isn’t the only thing to worry about. What about the exterior and interior? You want your Corvette to be the envy by keeping it maintained inside and out.


3. Know the Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons list can be subjective, but try to be objective. So even if you wish to write “dream car” over and over on the pro side, you should look into handling, fuel economy, insurance, car value, buying guides, etc. Is the Corvette right for you at this time? Is it practical?


4. Know That You Can Modify


Modifications can help you to change the look of your Corvette or enhance performance, and some, like lowering, will do both. Know what you want to do and know the cost to do it. You don’t want to regret your mod and end up on the worst mod list. The best modifications list is what should aim for.


5. Know the Secrets


Did you know that if you leave the turn signal on for ¾ miles, your C6 will let you know? That will save you the embarrassment and won’t confuse those behind you. Knowing the secrets will help you impress others while learning the mechanism of your Corvette. It’s a win-win.


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