Facebook Fridays: We Are Lovin’ This Corvette C6 Z06 Shot

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Almost looks magical doesn’t, it?

Okay, so maybe magical is a bit extreme. But the photo definitely draws you in.

It could just be the combination of the angle of the photo and the color of this C6 Z06. But whatever it is, it certainly makes this Corvette pop, making this a perfect selection for this week’s Facebook Fridays post.

The pic, which we pulled from the official Corvette Facebook page, hasn’t garnered a lot of comments since it was first posted on July 1. But I imagine that of the 100-plus people who have liked the photo, many probably just found themselves simply mesmerized by the pic, without actually knowing what to say.

My initial thought when I first saw the Z06 was simply, “wow!” That probably sums it up as good as any other word, don’t you think?

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