Would You Trade Your C7 Corvette Stingray for a C7 Z06?

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While the Z06 is getting most of the headlines these days, it seems plenty of people are plenty happy with their 2014/15 Stingrays, so much so that they don’t feel compelled to trade up.

That’s certainly the sense one gets while perusing this thread started by Corvette Forum¬†member Old Buckeye. In the post, the apparent Ohio State fan asks the following:

Just curious of how many would consider trading in their 14/15 C7 Z51 for a Z06 after demand calms down on the Z06 and a reasonable deal could be reached? Which is the biggest factor for you- the styling or the additional horsepower that makes you desire a Z06? 

Interestingly enough, most folks agreed with Old Buckeye that the Z06 wasn’t exactly beckoning.

Like many, 1SG_Ret doesn’t need 650 horsies:

Quite happy with my 1LT 2015. Plenty of car for me.

But apparently 650hp ain’t quite enough for 1rusty1:

Only if they can get it too 800 hp

For others, like LIE2ME, it’s more of a design issue:

I really like the Z06 but I just can’t get used to that big honking spoiler. Looks like a ricer to me…

2015 corvette z06

For Ernest_T, it comes down to a price issue, not just for the Z06, but for the cost of insuring it:

Probably not, besides the higher price, I don’t think Id want to pay insurance on a 650-hp car. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

For Motohead279, a possible mid-engine future is getting in the way:

I had considered it but if I trade up I’m going to trade up it’s going to be for the new mid engine car they are working on. While I know a lot of people don’t believe it’s coming, I have a feeling it’s going to be released in the next few years. And since it’s going to be very limited, I actually already put a deposit on one so that if I decide to I am guaranteed to be in line early. *insert jokes here*

Of course, as RJ111 shows us, not everyone avoided the Z06:

I traded my 14 Z51 on A Z06. I wanted to supercharge my car, and wanted wider wheels and tires. I also like the wider rear fenders. So for the money it was going to cost to mod my 14, trading on the Z06 made more sense.

I ordered a stage 1 car, so I didn’t get the big spoiler, side skirts, and big front splitter. I think the stage 1 does have a cleaner look to it. I thought about adding the aero on later, but I think I will leave it like it is.

I really liked my 14 Z51 car, but man, I love the Z06. The torque is incredible, even under 4k rpm’s. I can’t wait to get it broke in, and really see what it will do.

So where do you stand? Let us know in the forums.

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