Corvette Z06 Owner Loses His Life to a Drunk Driver

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Crashed C6 Corvette Z06 Michael Campbell

Losing a loved one victimized by drunk driving is one of the most traumatic events anyone could ever encounter. Speaking from personal experience, it tears you up inside for a long time.

Michael Campbell Corvette Z06 Driver Killed in Drunk-Driver Collision

Especially when the life that’s taken could have been saved if the drunk driver would’ve just let someone else drive.

This week, Michael Campbell (pictured at right), a fellow Corvette owner known by one of our forum members, was driving home and was hit head-on by a drunk driver going the wrong way on Interstate 65 in Nashville, Tenn.

Campbell had just bought his dream car, a C6 Corvette Z06. He was a husband, father, musician and car lover. His life was taken by some idiot who decided she was alright to drive home.

My cousin was killed in the same way. To all those idiots out there who think they are sober enough to drive home, you’re going to kill someone. Just remember, all those people out on the roads with you have families and loved ones just like you do. Grab a cab, take an Uber, but just don’t get behind the damn wheel.

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