How Much (More) Would You Pay for a 2015 Corvette Z06?

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If you don’t already have that order for your Z06 locked in, you might want to start asking yourself exactly how much over sticker you’re willing to pay for the car.

Well, that’s if those authorized to sell the new track-focused Corvette decide to follow a trend set by a dealership in Roseville, CA.

According to a report, the dealer is selling the Z06 optioned with the 3LZ trim for nearly $50,000 over the MSRP of $93,965, which comes out to roughly $144,000.

That’s no small change – even for one of the most capable production Corvettes ever, especially given that you’re looking at an additional surcharge of more than half of what the car already cost. However, I doubt that even a higher sticker price would deter die-hard performance fans from buying the new Z06.

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