LAPD Admits ‘Issues’ in Police Killing of Corvette Driver

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We had a feeling this was coming when we first covered the police shooting of Brian Newt Beaird back in August, when the Los Angeles City Council awarded Beaird’s family $5 million.

Short of saying, “Hey, these officers were in the wrong,” the city’s move to settle with Beaird’s family pretty much admitted the police overreacted when they shot and killed the 51-year-old, unarmed Corvette driver.

Now LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has confirmed the officers did not face a “credible threat”, according to a report. In a 22-page report, the police chief cited questions about whether the officers lives were actually threatened as they claimed.

“We had some issues with supervision at the scene,” said Beck. “We had a number of issues in this incident.”

The shooting of Beaird, which aired on live TV and started with a police chase, garnered national attention, and will likely stir up even more conversation now with national concerns about some police overstepping their bounds.

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