How-To Tuesday: Carbon Fiber (Okay, Fauxber) Corvette Wrapping

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Depending on where you live, there may by many other Corvettes on the road, which you see on a regular basis. To stand out, there are a ton of aftermarket items that can be swapped in and out on the Corvette. But some are significantly more expensive than others. One of those items is carbon fiber. But there is a way to get the carbon fiber look without the carbon fiber expense. And this week’s How-To Tuesday article is going to tell you how.

Carbon fiber is expensive, roughly $10 to $12 per pound. I found a 24″ x 36″ carbon fiber sheet with 1/8″ core selling on a sponsor add on google for $370, but you get free shipping so, boo ya! Those prices may even be old by now, but either way, the stuff is expensive. Still, it’s a strong product, and light, which is why just about anything trying to go fast will be made of the stuff these days.


Let’s assume that you don’t have a million dollars lying around to reproduce your Corvette in complete carbon fiber, but you still want it to appear as if you did. You will want to start with this week’s article, which will teach you how to use and wrap some or all of your Corvette in carbon fauxber. Okay, I made up that word. But still, you’re going to learn to wrap your Corvette in something that looks like carbon fiber.

As you’ll read in the article, this is one of those things that maybe you should practice wrapping the dog’s water bowl first. Okay, I made that up too. Point being: this isn’t one of the easier DIYs to do at home. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make it happen.

Maybe this year Santa will wrap your Corvette for you… in carbon fiber? Depends, have you been good all year?

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