Update Your C4 Corvette Interior With C6 Seats

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I would be lying if I said that C4 seats were a nice place to spend a few hours. The materials were hardly top-notch in their day, and after a couple of decades of wear, they certainly haven’t improved. Modern materials and proper quality bolsters are sorely needed if you plan to drive any kind of distances in your 4th Generation Corvette. So it’s nice to see that Corvette Forum member┬áv8vette84 has drastically improved his C4 by installing a fresh set of C6 Z06 seats, which were sourced from a fellow member. And they look fantastic.

The seat rails from the C6 generation are the same width as the C4’s, and the seats swap in with minimal effort. One of the rear mount brackets needs to be trimmed, and being that the C6 rails are a bit longer, you’ll need to drill a new hole to mount the fronts; but the project remains a straightforward job. To prep the seats for installation, v8vette84 simply cut off the seatbelt mounting stud on the side of the seat, as C4 seatbelts mount directly to the chassis, and then he just bolted everything in.


Assuming your C6 seats come with the pigtail connector for the seat motor wiring loom, it’s also a straightforward job to wire up the new seats to work with the original C4 seat switches. It takes a rudimentary understanding of electrical work, but should be easily taken care of in a home workshop.

The entire process is thoroughly and thoughtfully laid out in the thread, and the OP was even courteous enough to include 20 photos documenting the job. When the job is done, the new seats look right at home, and I’m willing to bet they’re a right-side more comfortable, too. While you’re there, give v8vette84 a hearty thank you for his helpful post.

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