2500-Horsepower V6 Corvette C6 Smashes World Record

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This Is What Happens When Someone Gets Made Fun of for Having a V6. They Turn Around and Kick Everyone’s Butt

Guys with V6-powered rides typically get poked and made fun of. Whether it be a muscle car or a pickup truck, Americans have an obsession with the good ‘ole V8 engine. Historically the V6 has always been the “wimpier” of the two, at least until the recent surge of turbocharged V6s.

v6 corvette c6

The opposite of wimpy is strong, and that’s still an understatement when describing this 498-cc, 2,500-horsepower V6 motor. Prepared by the folks at AAP in the Kingdom of Qatar, this mean looking (and performing) machine is ferocious, and downright violent on the strip.

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This footage by 1320video brings us a compilation of this mighty Corvette in action. It’s fair to say that not all its runs are record-setters. From a few stalls to several losses, it takes the driver of the ‘Vette a bit of time to come to terms with his beast. But once he does, his patience and perseverance pays off.

How much does it pay off? How about a new Outlaw 10.5 world record of 3.88 seconds at 201 mph?

Not bad for a V6 huh?

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