How-To Spotlight: Washing and Waxing Your Corvette

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Washing and Waxing Your Corvette Doesn’t Have to Be an Inconvenience

It may be an inherent trait of Corvette owners, although it likely extends beyond us. What is this trait? The desire to keep your Corvette in showroom condition. For many Corvette owners, washing and waxing isn’t even considered a hassle or inconvenience. No, many folks think it’s just a nice way to unwind, kick up some tunes, and bring back those fresh-off-the-assembly-line looks. That glass finish is a badge of honor!

Corvette wash wax

Some of you may be new to Corvette ownership. You may not have had the time to become fully aware of the many washing and waxing steps that are necessary to obtain that perfect finish. Or of the myriad detailing products available to you. That’s where this week’s How-To article is going to help you out. Not only are there multiple recommendations for products, but also the proper steps and tricks on how to effectively utilize them.

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Some of you have the built-in advantage of having quick and easy access to private water sources. Others may not have that luxury. There are ways to make do with either setting. Sure there may be some advantages one way over the other, but only slightly. Depending on the direction you take, some products may be better than others for your specific setting.

Do you have a particular product, service, or technique that you stand behind? Where do you feel you get the best results?

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