Do C7 Corvette Side Skirts Look Good?

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One Corvette Forum Member’s Search for Truth About the Look of C7 Side Skirts

Visual changes to a Corvette are a very personal thing. We all have our own ideas about what looks good and what doesn’t. But occasionally, one brave member decides to reach out and ask for opinions on a visual change to his car. This time we have vtfreeiii, with his gorgeous red Stingray, asking about side skirts.

Vtfreeiii was told that if he didn’t track the car, he wouldn’t need side skirts. But now he is thinking of adding them anyways. And he wants to know how we feel about it.

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So far the thread is a pretty solid mix of yes and no. We have those who feel the skirts simply should be used as extra protection for the rocker panels. Then we have the few that say they just get in the way of stepping into and out of the car. From there we have a few branching conversations of what kind of skirts to get. (There are several aftermarket options, as well as the factory units.)

To make things a little easier for vtfreeiii, we’re posting up the poll below. Hopefully, it will let him quickly see just how many members love those skirts, and how many prefer to keep things a little simpler in the design department. Make your choice below! But if you have some extra info, or you have some nice aftermarket skirts to recommend, hit up that forum post. We’re sure vtfreeiii will appreciate all the extra help he can get about this.

Are side skirts cool?

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