Corvette Forum Member Inherits Father’s C2 Corvette

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A New Member Shares the Story of His Father’s Legacy, This Incredible C2 Corvette

There’s nothing like your first Corvette. But sometimes that can be a bittersweet acquisition. For new Corvette Forum member Bryan (Bnowill10), he joined our ranks due to unfortunate circumstances, the death of his father, who left Bryan his pride and joy: a 1967 Corvette convertible.

Many of our members have offered condolences and similar stories. Some have even helped Bryan to verify the car’s provenance. Since his father restored and modified the car shortly after purchasing it nearly 40 years ago, a lot of those details are unclear.

However, it looks like Bryan’s father had great taste. He customized the Corvette with a lot of cool modifications, which still look great today. That’s particularly true of the car’s smooth, bumperless front end, and the subtly flared wheel arches.

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That Metallic Blue paint looks pretty great, too, although our excellent Corvette Forum detectives were able to confirm the original exterior color as Sunfire Yellow. It’s also appears that the car was originally equipped with a 427/435 big block, although the car is currently sporting a newer 350 crate engine.

Currently, Bryan is doing his best to ensure that the car runs optimally. He’s cleaning up the wiring and plumbing in the engine bay, and diagnosing a potential overheating problem. In the process, he’s taking a lot of pictures that are helping Corvette Forum gurus determine what options the car originally came with.

While Bryan eventually intends to find a correct engine and re-install the front bumper, many forum members are encouraging him to simply drive and enjoy the car for a while — just as his father intended.

Do you have a similar story to share? Notice something about Bryan’s Corvette that other members might have overlooked? Let him know!

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