Three-Year-Old Drifts Toy Corvette Like a Boss

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Racing Girl

I’d typically reserve this video for Facebook Fridays, but this is just too good to wait. As a matter of fact, it further validates our most recent Facebook Friday post, which shows that with good parenting, females can also learn to develop an appreciation for Corvettes at a young age.

The video below, which we found posted to Hot 97.5/103.9’s Facebook page, shows a three-year-old in a mini Corvette drifting her way through some pretty tough maneuvers. She then “graduates” to a higher-powered 24v Mercedes-Benz G55, and shows off some fancy driving in that as well.

The video, which was posted April 27, has racked up more than 37,000 likes and more than 205,000 shares. And the station is already lobbying for her to have a guest appearance in Fast & Furious 15. With that kind of support, it very well makes her a viable candidate for taking over Letty’s spot in Universal’s hit franchise, if Letty (played by Michelle Rodriguez) decides to hand over the wheel.

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via [Speed SocietyHot 97.5/103.9]

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