C5 Corvette Beaten With the Ugly Stick

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If you had a rather large breakfast, or you generally tend to have a squeamish stomach, I apologize for the atrocity that I am putting in front of your eyes. If you have small children, it may be a good idea to ask them to leave the room.

Now, all warnings aside, behold what has to be the most ridiculous ‘Vette ever. Want to know the worst part? The shot above is a before photo. More recently this same car has been spotted and the owner has modified the car ever closer to the Dark Side. Before it was amazing, now it’s literally mind-boggling. As in, the guy has obviously lost his mind.

Just look at his C5 now…

Ugly vette after

I think my favorite part is the poorly fitting chrome trim ring around the back glass. Or maybe it’s the chrome inserts in the wheels. And that wing on wing action is pretty cool (insert Xzibit meme here), but that was there last time, so it’s old news.

I am a firm believer that anyone can alter or modify their car in any way they see fit, so long as it isn’t dangerous, but this C5 is so attention grabbing that I’m sure it has caused at least one accident. Just imagine how hard it would be not to stare at this thing if you saw it on the road.

ugly c5 corvette

I can just imagine the discussion with the highway patrol now. “Well, you see officer, I was staring at what appeared to be a sports car belonging to the pimp of Satan, and I just didn’t see the light turn red. So yes, I did collide into the back of the beige Camry, but it wasn’t my fault. Honest.”

There is already a pretty lengthy discussion happening in the forum about this atrocity, so be sure to jump over there if you want to join in. Have fun, but please, for heaven’s sake, try to keep it clean.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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