What Exactly Causes Corvette Fever?

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Here’s a glimpse at what drives people’s feverish passion for ‘Vettes.

A story about people’s longstanding obsession with Corvettes might not be the most groundbreaking news here, but we never get tired of hearing about them, nonetheless.

One of the latest stories we stumbled upon detailing the passion for the American sports car is from an article posted by The Herald, titled “Corvette Fever,” highlighting the recent Quaker Steak and Lube Corvette show in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Of course, Corvette Fever certainly needs no explanation for anyone here. Still, we decided to dig a little deeper into the story, and see if we could pull some common threads that might help others understand the broad obsession with the ‘Vette.

Clearly, one thread is the Corvette’s classic appeal, as displayed in a comment by Ken Jelley, who owns four Corvettes, including two ’64 models.

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“I bought my first one when I was 18 in 1965,” the Brookfield man told The Herald. “I still own it – 52 years.”

Another appeal is clearly the thrill that comes with owning a Corvette, as explained by Bob and Eileen Leonard of Canfield, Ohio, who just bought a ’98 model two years ago.

“He waited 43 years to get one,” Eileen said. “We both had two health scares and we decided we could have some major issues and… decided life is too short, so we might as well do it.”

But Dan Kranis of Reading, Pennsylvania probably summed up the addiction to the Corvette best.

“I love the way it sounds,” he said. “I love the way it feels.”

Yep, we’d say he hit the nail right on the head.

For more interesting highlights from The Quaker Steak and Lube Corvette show, check out the full Herald article. Then let us know why you have Corvette Fever!

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