How-To Spotlight: Replacing Rear Brake Calipers

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This week’s spotlight offers a step-by-step breakdown of how to replace your Corvette’s rear calipers.

It’s easy for us to sit here and pat the backs of our How-To authors, but when you have a group of people putting out articles that are so informative and detailed, it is easy to do. Today’s How-To article is no exception. As a matter of fact, this article may be one of the more detailed that you’ll ever find on the topic of replacing rear brake calipers. The level of information and details provided are really topnotch.

corvette rear brake calipers

With all of that being said, this is not going to be the easiest DIY project you’ll likely take on at home. As the article mentions, this would be considered a more moderately difficult project. There are several steps in the process, and needless to say, you’ll need to get them correct in order for the car to stop next time you need it to. But don’t let that stop you, or change your mind on going through this at home. It just means you have to follow the article closely. By taking this on yourself, you will be rising to a challenge, and saving yourself quite a bit of money while you’re at it. What we’re really saying is: we believe in you!

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Even though the article only has seven steps, the details in the steps includes pictures and recommendations of how to improve your time while on project. That detail goes all the way through to the end of the article, giving you additional information that will help keep you on task. And there’s even a referral for taking the extra steps if you would like to go on and change out your brake fluid while you’re at it.

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