Top Ten ‘Girls Working on Cars Wrong’

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Girls Working on Cars Wrong

As a society, every day we exploit the looks of women to sell, entice, tease, and otherwise draw the interest of the male members of our species. As a car guy, I appreciate the look of a dramatically beautiful woman paired with a sexy slab of rolling metal, but as a car guy, I also notice when photographers get things hilariously wrong. It seems that I am not the only one, as one enterprising individual has started a Tumblr dedicated to “Girls Working on Cars Wrong”.

The site is nothing but photo after photo of women doing weird, wrong, or just asinine things with cars, all in an attempt to look sexy and knowledgeable at the same time.

Look, women are pretty, and I get that. But every time I see some one with almost no clothes on while pointing a torch at a car, I can only concentrate on the stupidity in the image, not the attractive body. So please stop. And for f***’s sake, can you at least make sure these girls are using the right tool? Is it that hard? Seriously, what is she going to do to that hub cap with that big-ass box wrench? And why does she need leather biker gloves?!

Still, the pictures are great fun to look at, so we’ve plucked ten of the best. But be sure to head on over to the blog to get all the hilarious captions too.

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