RIP! Another Blown C7 Corvette Engine Story

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Seriously, I can’t take it.

I could only listen to this blown 2014 C7 engine, posted in the video clip below, once. And even that one time left me cringing. Hearing that thing knocking is unbearable for me. So I can only imagine how Corvette Forum Member CSEVEN, the owner of the car, must have felt the first time he heard the engine knocking with only 18k miles on the odometer.

Posted in the thread, “Another blown engine! Fully documented,” CSEVEN shares a pretty detailed account of his troubles that started in early June…

C7  image 1

1. June 7th, engine started making a lower end knock.

2. June 8 through June 11, warranty tear down, 4 blown bottom bearings.

C7 image 2

3. June 12th complete long block engine, torque tube and clutch assembly approved under warranty.

4. June 16th new motor arrives at dealership containing metal dust in cylinder heads.

C7 image 3

5. June 17th GM sends 2nd replacement motor VIA FedEx P1.

6. June 18th Motor arrives at Dealership and installation process begins.

7.June 19th Car is ready for pick-up $25K+ repair bill covered by GM.

The bright side is that it only took 12 days to get CSEVEN’s Corvette back on the road. But I’m starting to lose count of exactly how many blown C7 engines we’ve gotten wind of here, which is something that can dwindle the spirits of the most loyal Corvette fans.

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