Would You Buy Your Teenager a Brand-new Corvette?

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C7 Corvette

It might seem crazy to give a teen a Corvette, even if they are very responsible. Would you take the risk?

The very thought of handing the keys of a brand new Corvette to a teenager seems insane. Mostly because we remember what we were like at that tender age. We made terrible decisions and drove like complete buffoons, because that’s what kids do, right? Thus, we can’t even fathom why someone would ever want to arm their wide-eyed kid with any Corvette, let alone a C7. But that’s exactly what Corvette Forum member brian18330 is apparently thinking about doing.

“I know some of you are going to think I’m crazy, but I wanted some feedback. I am thinking about getting my daughter a 2019 C7 Corvette, but I’m having second thoughts. She’s only 17 and has been driving a Lexus RC350 for a year. She really wants a Corvette, but I don’t want to be doing something wrong. She’s had zero issues with her driving. I monitor her driving through an app that alerts me to high speed, rapid acceleration, hard stops, etc. All cars can go fast and we live in South Florida where there’s so much traffic you can’t really do much. I don’t know, just looking for some thoughts.”

C7 Corvette

Our first thoughts were, is this guy looking to adopt? And then we questioned his sanity. But truthfully, if your kid is mature enough to handle this kind of thing, perhaps it is a feasible idea. At least vdavenp802 thinks so.

“When my daughter was 17 I got her a Pontiac Trans Am. 25 years later, she told me she had the 2nd fastest car in school – a Mustang was faster. I said ‘why didn’t you tell me, I’d have fixed that issue for you?'”

But we aren’t the only ones who think this idea could turn south in a hurry. Turns out, Frodo feels pretty much the same way.

“We don’t know your daughter and her character, so we can’t make an informed judgement. But I’ll say this – if my father gave me a Corvette at 17 I’d be dead before my 18th birthday. At that age, my ability to make sound judgement decisions and the ability to foresee the consequence of those decisions was so underdeveloped I would have been doomed from the start. Hell, I’d street race my mom’s 6-cylinder Ford Fairlane. Sounds like your daughter probably has a better head than I did at that age.”

C7 Corvette

Still, dbaker thinks that maybe starting off with something like a Corvette might actually keep the teen safer.

“IMO, if you start them out driving a car with power, they will learn to control it earlier. It’s the kids that drive a Civic and then move up to power are many times the ones that have wrecks.”

In this case, what initially seems like a silly question quickly turns into a fascinating discussion. Thus, we want to know what you think. So head over here and tell us if you’d buy your teen a new Corvette, or if you think that it’s a terrible idea!

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