YouTuber Cleetus McFarland Breaks His Own Record 3 Times in a Row

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Leroy the Corvette is set to kill mode for these insane drag strip runs.

YouTuber Cletus McFarland and his race car named Leroy the Savage have got plenty of power between them, but it’s events like this one where you really get to see these cars shine. Let’s take a look at Leroy’s banner day where he broke his record not once, not twice, but three times in a single night!

Test Pass

The first test pass wasn’t too bad.  Leroy started smooth, shifted beautifully and completed the pass in 8.6 seconds at 165 miles per hour.  This is a great baseline – not as fast as our boy Cleetus McFarland wanted but it was just the first run of the day, before he pulled out all the stops.

Part of the speed issue had to do with the fact that he dropped to 33 percent throttle trying to get into first gear – having to take his foot off the pedal cost him a few tenths of a second that could mean the difference between winning and losing.

Stick Shift Class, Round One

The goal of this race wasn’t to worry about who they were beating but trying to beat their own time and the first race went beautifully. This first pass ended up at 8.51 seconds at 168 miles per hour. Cleetus McFarland Leroy the Savage

McFarland dropped the tire pressure a little bit before the second race in the Stick Shift Class. This was the first record breaking pass for Leroy – beating their record by a few hundredths of a second, coming in at 8.47 seconds at 168 miles per hour.

For round three, well after the sun went down, Leroy’s record broke again. With another 168 MPH trap speed, the elapsed time on the run dropped down to 8.40 seconds.  That was with an, admittedly, weak 60-ft time, but a record is a record.

The Fourth round wasn’t the greatest – McFarland was a bit nervous going up against a fast Honda but still managed to break yet another record for the night.  At 169 miles per hour, their pass only took 8.38 seconds – the fastest pass yet.

Even without the win, 8.38 seconds is nothing to complain about. In fact, there’s not a whole lot he could do to get much faster. His car is already setup to be about as light as is possible. Anything faster is going to come down to that 60-foot figure, and a bit of luck.

Each pass that Leroy did was successively better than the last – and while they didn’t win the last race, they still headed home with some money which can be put back into more mods for Leroy.

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