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Was a C4 model your first Corvette?

Old 06-03-2019, 03:42 AM
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First Vette was a 94 Aqua blue automatic. Bought it in 2008 and had it for 6 years, Now have a 77 L-48 automatic.
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My first was a 1980 4 speed. It looked great but was a dog. My first C4 was a 1985 a much better car as we know. I have now had seven different model year C4s since.

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I have had a share of muscle cars (sold a 69 GTO Judge to pay for college), but never a Corvette. Drove a 69 once many years ago that a friend owned.

Fast forward to this past Christmas and I just happened to see an ad for a 93 ruby with an unbelievable price. Started looking around and found this 96.
So, yes, my first Corvette is a C4. It's now my daily driver.
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My first vette was and is my 78 Silver Anniversary, L-82, close ratio 4 speed. I've redone EVERYTHING on that car including the motor (now at a little over 400hp), Tremec 5-speed, body off the frame rebuild of the frame, conversion to coil-overs in the rear and mono leaf in the front, blah blah blah. It's a money pit, but it's a damn sexy body and I can't bring myself to part with it. The C3 to me is the quintessential vette shape. I've had it 15 years now.

I bought my second vette in 2017, 86 convertible automatic to tool around in and have done a lot of rebuilding on it (cam was toast when I bought it, so rebuilt the engine to stock), swapped in a 3.07 rear and completely rebuilt the suspension, bearings, universals, brakes etc. Also a lot of work, but I just love the feel of the seats on the C4 and driving that car just feels right. Plus, wife can't drive a stick, so she gets to tool around in the convertible. The only thing that bothers me is it is a red/red combination. I've never taken to cars with the same exterior and interior colors, just looks too bland. Might convert it to a graphite interior at some point.

Two VERY different cars and driving feels.

Both are now at the turn-key stage.

Someday I will buy another project but whatever that is will mean getting rid of the 86. I would get a ZR-1 in a heartbeat, but that means another stick and quite honestly, I can't imagine trying to get out of a C4 coupe. At least in the convertible you can't hit your head on the way out
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Late 70s just out of the Navy 1968 C3

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My first Corvette was a automatic 93 Aqua Vert that I bought in 2017. Thought I wanted a automatic because of 2 hip replacements, but after I found a white manual 88 Callaway Vert on EBay and was hooked on the driving experience of a manual. Top down of course! Kevin
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A '92 C4 convertible was my fourth Corvette having owned a '70 big block coupe, a '73 coupe and a '78 coupe before that. Back in 2005, I bought a C5 (still have it) and then an '87 coupe and a 93 coupe both of which were set up as autocross toys.

Here's my first C4: I drove this one from WA state to Bowling Green for the 50th Anniversary event and back.
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Yes only C4s, so far. Both 1995 base coupes with LT1 6-speed, although the first one (green machine) had nearly every option available and was unfortunately totaled in a highway incident. Current car (clean machine) has only a couple options but is really the perfect car for me, it has exactly what I want and nothing I don't want. I was a teenager in the 80s and fell in love with the C4, always dreamed of having one. I might get a C7/GS in the future, but for now I am really loving this excellent drivers car. It is so good!
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My first and only Corvette is my 1990 C4 Corvette. It is also the first car I ever bought. It is the first car I ever bought new. It is also the first car I ever ordered. I have never bought a used car in my entire life. My first car was given to me at age 23. It was the family car and quite the beater. I have only owned 6 cars. I took pretty good care of my cars and they have all been reliable with the exception of the first that was totally beaten by the time I got it. I was the 5th, 6th or 7th owner of that car. All were Ford’s except the 1990 Chevrolet Corvette which I have now owned 29 years.
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My first one was a gold 71 C3 coupe. I think I paid $1600 and it was in perfect shape. That was a loooong time ago.

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Beautiful Polo Green...what wheels and tires are those. They look good.
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I bought a 1978 new. $10,125 out the door with tax. I drove it 3 years and 35,000 miles and sold for $12,000 to pay for a patent application. Corvette light Beige with brown interior. Cheapest car I have ever owned to drive.
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#1 - 1965 Convertible Nasau Blue - Bought used in 1968 327/300 4 speed and sold in 1969 to buy #2

#2 - 1969 Coupe Riverside Gold - Bought new in 1969. 350/350 4 speed w/ factory side pipe car. Still own.

#3 - 1986 Coupe Red 4+3 Bought in 2016 with 761 original miles. Still own & maybe for sale.

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My first corvette was a 87 Dark Red Metallic coupe I bought in August 1993 it was my first of 11(8 C4s 3 C5s)
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This is my first Vette, my '90 Z51. Unless something drastic happens, it will likely be my only Vette. We shall see.

I've basically wanted a Corvette ever since I knew what one was, lol. And being an '80s kid, the C4 is kinda what I think of as a Corvette. But I'd love to have a very late C3 or a C5. It's not impossible, just a bit unlikely.

But I love this car. It's going to be with me for the rest of my life. That's for sure.

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Yep, my '96 is my first 'vette. I always loved the look of the 92-96 C4's. I remember the fist time I saw a '92, I was only 10 at the time, but even then loved the way the car looked. Took a while, but I finally got one, lol. The car just "fits" me. I'd love to get my hands on a C6 GS, but that's not happening any time soon. Maybe in the future, who knows. In the meantime, I'll continue to wrench on and enjoy driving my C4.
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I'm on board with several others. Always wanted a Corvette, specifically a C4 and she is my first.
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I decided that a Corvette was a "must have" car - when a beautiful black C2 SWC roared past the "family truckser" one night - with the blue-green glow of the instrument panel glowing in the cabin, and moonlight glinting along the shiny black paint as she slipped effortlessly by.

My first was a 95/m6 - which I loved but had to trade for my present ZR-1. (Wish I could have afforded to keep 'em both!).

My first...

Traded for....

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Originally Posted by pologreen1 View Post
A C3 introduced me to vettes .
This was the case for me too. My first was a 1980 that I still wish I had kept. The '86 I have now is my second Corvette. I'm not the original owner of either car.
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My first Corvette was a 1992, red with a smoked targa top back in 1997 with saddle interior. Beautiful car! Since then, I have had a 93 triple black convertible, a red 64 vert with a 327, a red 2008 base coup, and for the last five years a black 96 vert, and my recently purchased 2011 Z06. I just love the feel of driving the C4. I feel like I'm a part of the car.
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